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The cost of the weekend is £155 per person. This includes; 2 nights, dinner, bed and full English breakfast and Sunday lunch. 


There will be a dance Friday night, after dinner, from about 9pm until Midnight. Saturday morning will be a chance to do some more dancing, which is optional if you would prefer to have a swim and sauna or go shopping in Torquay.

There will be more dancing on Saturday evening, after dinner until late - a chance to dress up!


Sunday morning we will dance again until lunchtime, or some people take the chance to do some more sightseeing. We depart after lunch at 2.30pm. We are usually back in Newport around 5.30pm.The hotel has a good size indoor swimming pool, a jacuzzi and sauna. It is extremely comfortable, and the food is excellent. 


A good number of people like to make their own way by car, but for those who do not wish to travel independently, we will be hiring a coach, forwhich the return fare will be £25.

Please read all the information carefully - things have changed since last time...

We have a strict limit of 100 people for the weekend, so bookings will be taken on a first come, first serve basis. Please check with me first to see if we have a suitable room for you, as we have very few single rooms, and limited group rooms. Priority will be given to class members, which means we will be unable to accommodate external friends/family members. That may change nearer the time. I will make an exception for partners who always come and share a double room.


We are unable to accept deposits due to not having classes, and the short time frame. Therefore payments are to be made in full, either with cash, or with a bank transfer/deposit. We will NOT be accepting cheques. Full payment must be received before Friday the 10th of September. I cannot accept payments after after the deadline.


For those who want to pay directly into the dedicated bank account, or by bank transfer contact me via text, or Facebook Messenger for the bank details.Once you have paid the full amount, please contact me to tell me so, then I can assign you a room and tick you off the list.


If you want to pay personally in cash, contact me, and I will arrange a visit for you to drop it off, or I will come pick it up. Like a drug deal.

If you are unable to attend at the last minute, where applicable, a refund may be issued, minus £20, at the discretion of the hotel.


If you are sharing a double room, and one of you drops out, you must find someone to share with you, or you will both lose the room. We cannot let single people stay in a double room. The single rooms are limited, and are usually already taken by the same people every year.


PLEASE! Do not assume I will know who you are if you message me. Full name, so I know who I am dealing with. And let me know if you have paid in money, and if it is under your name or one I won't recognise. I can't confirm you have paid if the account holder is a different name from yours.

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